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We are a team of passionate developers and entrepreneurs who have decided to convert our everyday experience into this store. Our Mission is to provide you innovative & most effective SELF-CARE solutions to inspire & empower you to live the healthiest life every day. We believe Health is a new WEALTH. To achieve an optimum level of well-being, we just need to improve our lifestyle (sleep, exercise, Posture &mental health). Which is sometimes very challenging to manage. Therefore We are here to make your basic lifestyles comfortable and to ensure a Painfree, relaxed, Active & Normal Life. Enjoy upgrading your Wellness Journey! WELLNESS UPGRADER.


Wellbeing can be achieved through Practicing Active SELF-CARE.
Create EVERLASTING Relationships with YOU. Make Sure YOU are Happy with us.
Health is a Real WEALTH.
SHARE Kindness, Happiness and Positivity
Ensure that you receive BEST VALUE from our Products.

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